I will control your mind







A wife has decided to try an experimental clip on her husband in order to fulfill her cravings.

She has been addicted to BBC since she was first turned out at an early age. She loves her husband but he just can’t get deep enough for her. Often while laying in bed, she remembers getting penetrated deep by big black dick, cumming over and over on superior alpha cocks.. a slave to BBC. She loves her husband and wants to keep all the perks of being in a stable relationship, but she can’t deny the feeling the wanting to feel like a true whore. And the only time she felt that way was when she was being used by black dicks and having multiple orgasms several times a day. She was truly happy with a big dick in her pussy and mouth.. just being used like a little fuck doll.

She decides to try out this clip on her husband, and says it will “help their relationship”.

She relaxes his mind, puts his body at ease with the techniques she learned.

She puts the headphones on him and plays a video she created.. just for him..

In the video she explains her deep dark chocolate secret.. the itch she can’t scratch.

She explains that he needs to embrace this craving of hers, empowering her, encouraging her to be fully satisfied sexually.

She instructs him to watch interracial and BBC porn, getting used to these images.. prepping him for his like as a cuck.

He is to only eat pussy and ass.. his life is to warm her up and serve her .. prepping her for her BBC masters. Dressing her up and preparing her, dressing her up in slutty outfits, and stroking to his wife getting creamPied by BBC.

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