When ordering remember I only create Femdom clips. You can look through my clips4sale to see what I do CLIPS4SALE

I mostly create piggie fetish and sissy fantasy style clips but I am open to just about anything Femdom. I also love doing BDSM and beat down clips. I tried some puppy trick clips and there are a few I haven't tried that I am very interested in, perhaps we can explore them together.

I do clips for a few pay pigs and they spend a lot more then the prices below but that's what they get off on so if you are a pay pig lets work on something. Typically they like being hypnotized and confused in giving up their money

Keep in mind at the moment all of my clips are audio only. I can make images and hypno swirls things. I don't film myself. I like to keep myself some what of a mystery ;)

Clips are Typically 5-8 Minutes Long


Just voice (music is optional) $30
Voice music and swirl video $35
The clip is exclusive to you $50


Pay Pal or Amazon Gift cards. Let me know how you would like to pay

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All prices are USD